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Helping to rescue endangered species from the brink of extinction?


At Umkhondo you will experience what it’s like to work on and run a Big-Five game reserve.
Each day brings a new adventure...

We take in five to ten volunteers at a time who work with the farm + wildlife teams where day to day tasks vary.

GETTING your hands dirty is part of the job!

The main focus for this volunteer project is to return the property to its natural state and ensure a self-sustaining, functional ecosystem.
Here is some of what you can expect to experience at Umkhondo:
  • Game tracking + relocation
  • Tracking + monitoring of released cheetah
  • Elephant research & upkeep of their boma's
  • Lion monitoring
  • Training on approaching wild animals on foot
  • Mineral and medical darting, when needed
  • Overnight Survival Camp
  • Snake handling + reptile park upkeep
  • Community involvement, e.g. sustainability + conservation
  • Wildlife immobilization when needed
  • Wildlife nutrition and feeding
  • Game counts and species recording
  • Marine education (optional extra)
  • General reserve duties: erosion control, vegetation rehabilitation and road + fence maintenance

    Tel: + 27 (0)82 923 88 55
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